Bass Kandi Baits Three Pack

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Bass Kandi Baits Three Pack


  • We donate $0.60 to support conservation
  • 3.75" Speed Bug comes in Okeechobee Kraw color
  • 6" Lizard - PERFECT SPRING BAIT! Bama Bug Red color
  • 4.75" Kandi Minnow comes in a classic Watermelon Red
  • Official Sponsors of McDonald's Big Bass Splash for Ronald McDonald House
  • Hand-injected baits have just the right amount of salt in 'em
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Bass Kandi Three Pack
Bass Kandi Three Pack
Bass Kandi Speed Bug - the Krawdaddi?
Bass Kandi Lizard - a Kandi-mander if you will
Bass Kandi Minnow – Better than Swedish Fish foh sho

Sweet as Kandi - A Big Bass Treat!

Them big ol' bass got a real sweet tooth when it comes to nom-nommin' on these here Bass Kandi Baits. An' the bass are in different stages of spawn right now--this is the perfect time to be throwin' these here baits. Now, Bass Kandi's no secret down in Louisiana, but you start gittin all 'round America and the fish ain't never seen 'em before. Colors an' shapes that fish ain't seen? Oooh, son. Plus, the price is right on 'em. Premium soft baits, unique colors 'n shapes--AND helpin' out our waters? Heck, order a couple!

- Itch!

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