BoneYard Fly Gear Decals - 4-Packs

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BoneYard Fly Gear Decals - 4-Packs


  • We donate $1.00 to support conservation
  • 4 decals in each pack; choose Bass or Trout
  • Large top-grade vinyl decals--Quality will last and last in the elements
  • The work of artist Matt Zudweg; Howard City, Michigan
  • Excellent small gift to drop in with a card for graduation or Father's Day
  • See more, including shirts and hats at
Bone Yard Fly Gear
Bone Yard Fly Gear

Stick 'em up!

Ya know, I always thought chrome looked pretty good on my fishin' truck--but bronze don't look too shabby either! Slap on one of these decals and show 'em how yer livin'. I couldn't decide between bronzeback or the steelhead, so I sprung fer both. Spruce up yer truck, yer boat, yer tackle box--heck, anything smooth and flat that needs some sprucin'--with these badass decals from Bone Yard Fly Gear. They got dozens of cool designs, but I picked m' faves to share with ya this week. Four fer the bass addict, four fer m' trout 'n steelhead fishin' friends.

- Itch!

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