FishSticks Lure Enhancer

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Aw shucks! This deal ended on December 09, 2011. The good news is you can buy Fishsticks Lure Enhancer from our friends over at Fishsticks any time.
FishSticks Lure Enhancer


  • We donate $0.50 to support conservation
  • Pick from Shad or Crawfish (or both!)
  • Add scent to any lure (or - gasp! - fly)
  • No mess or risk of spilling
  • Sticks to bait better than oils, sprays and dips
  • Long lasting
Fish Sticks Lure Enhancers

Stick on some Stink!

Fish use their sniffers to figure out what they ought eat. Ya ever wonder how they get so fat in muddy water? Sniffin’ out a meal – that’s part of it. If you got a good bait that don’t smell – let’s say a crankbait or a jig – try puttin' this Fish Sticks Lure Enhancer on it and they'll maul it! Unlike most scent, this stuff ain't a spray, so it won't wind up all over you, yer boat, yer lucky fishin' shirt--which means ya won't wind up smellin' like dead shad. Ya just wipe the Fish Sticks scent on the lure and yer in business. No mess and no freezin’ up for you ice fishin’ guys--and of course, it stays on there better too. I really dig the Fish Sticks--now please pass the tartar sauce!

- Itch!

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