Lead-Free Shad Darts

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Aw shucks! This deal ended on April 02, 2012. The good news is you can buy lead free shad darts from our friends over at Green Tackle any time.
Lead-Free Shad Darts


  • We donate $0.25 to support conservation
  • Lead-free, nontoxic weighted darts
  • Molded, painted and tied in the USA
  • Two each of two sizes (1/8 oz and 1/16 oz) in each pack
  • Choose from Chartreuse/Green, Red/White and Black/Red
Shad Darts by Green Tackle
Shad Darts by Green Tackle
Chartreuse and Green
Black and Red
White and Red

These shad darts are right on target!

When I'm fishin', the biggest impact I try to have on my lady Mother Nature is puttin' a few holes in fish's lips. That's why I think these lead-free shad darts are pretty swell--no toxic metal, natural bucktail, and the fish like 'em real good! My buddies on the east coast and in the Columbia River love these lures for hookin' up with big shad, but they also work wonders fer panfish, smallmouth, white bass, stripers 'n trout. The slanted shape gives 'em a unique dartin' action in the water--looks quite a bit different than typical ball-head jigs. These are molded, painted and dressed up with bucktail right here in the U.S. of A., and I got 'em in classic fish-catchin' colors.

- Itch!

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