9' 6wt Fly Rod from Recycled Fish

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9' 6wt Fly Rod from Recycled Fish


  • We donate $3.50 to support conservation
  • 9-foot, 6-weight 2-piece fly rod
  • Includes a rod sock and plastic storage case with Velcro lid
  • Cork handle & beautiful checked up-locking graphite reel seat
  • Compare to rods in the $129 to $149 price range
JD Hill 9 foot 6 weight 2 piece rod
JD Hill 9 foot 6 weight 2 piece rod
Sturdy rod has no problem turning over indicator rigs
Deal includes rod socks and storage box

Tailwater trout don't know it's winter!

Winter. If you ain’t ice fishin’, yer probably cooped up, catchin' up on honey-do's, reading' a good book like Trout bum, and tyin' up next season's flies. But after a while, that cabin fever sets in and ya just have to get out--and when other waters are iced over, tailwaters are the place to go. And when I'm fishin' tailwaters, I'm swingin' nymphs and tossin' indicator rigs--which is a real pain without a good, sturdy stick. This 9' 6-weight two-piece JD Hill Fly Rod is perfect for it. Comes to us from the Recycled Fish Online Fly Shop powered by West-Fly, and while it’ll do the trick for summer trout, crappies and 'gills, this time of year you can string it up with a good nymph line and watch it make magic. Hookin' into big tailwater trout without breakin' the bank? That'll cure cabin fever any day.

- Itch!

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