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Aw shucks! This deal ended on December 04, 2011. The good news is you can Buy Rockybrook Limestone Sinkers from our friends over at Green Tackle any time.
50% off Rockybrook Sinker Kits


  • We donate $0.50 to support conservation
  • Yellow pouch (Class I) features lighter weights and tackle
  • Green pouch (Class II) features heavier weights and tackle
  • Kits include limestone weights, pocket guide, bobber, swivels, and variety of hooks
  • Fools fish in clear water - doesn't snag up easily
  • Environmentally friendly - lead free!
RockyBrook Sinkers
RockyBrook Sinkers
Kit II - Green Pouch - Heavier Weights and Tackle
Kit I - Yellow Pouch - Lighter Weights and Tackle

Sinks Like A Rock!

Snaggin’ up really grinds my gears. When I’m drift fishin’ for smallmouth and trout in rocky streams, seems like too much weight has me snagged up, but too little keeps me from gettin’ in the strike zone. That was till I found these RockyBrook Limestone Sinkers. They’re actual limestone, which means they tumble downstream just like regular rocks and pebbles in the river. Plus – no lead, and that’s good by me. In super clear water with super spooky fish, they are as natural as can be. Clearwater carp guys swear by ‘em. In this week’s deal, we’ve packed up a whole RockyBrook fishin’ kit, complete with a variety of hooks, a bobber, and a handy guide. Score the yellow pouch for smaller limestone weights and hooks or the green pouch for bigger stuff. Grab one of these reusable pouches, a little bait, and head on down to your local stream. Now – these pouches are a heck of a deal to begin with, but with my half-off pricing, heck, you can’t afford NOT to itch this!

- Itch!

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