Trigger-X Flapdad and Frog Baits

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Aw shucks! This deal ended on February 27, 2012. The good news is you can shop for Trigger-X Lures from our friends over at Green Tackle any time.
Trigger-X Flapdad and Frog Baits


  • We donate $0.50 to support conservation
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Flapdads come 6 per pack
  • Flapdads make an excellent jig trailer or Texas rig
  • Frogs come 4 per pack
  • Rig frogs weedless with a single hook and fish on the surface for violent strikes

Trigger a Feeding Frenzy!

You tell me--would ya rather eat a plastic steak or a real steak? Easy: Gimme a real one--the juicier, the better. And I bet big ol' bucketmouths feel the same way. That’s why bass slam a Trigger-X bait while any ol’ ordinary plastic lure will swim on by ‘em. The folks at Trigger-X juice up their lures with "Ultrabite," some kinda fare-o-mone or something, and that makes fish go nuts. Plus, they use Phthalate-free materials that don't have that unnatural plastic smell. I got two models for ya, and these shapes move water and that gets ‘em noticed. The Frog churns up the surface and slides right through yer sloppy water. The Flapdad gets ‘em down under where the big boys lurk.

- Itch!

VIDEO: Trigger-X Flapdad and Frog Baits

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Plastics with no BPA do less harm.


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