Fishing Rod Storage: How to Use All that Free Space

Many times the solution to the problem that’s been bugging you has been staring you in the face for a while. You’d be surprised where and how you might be able to store and transport your fishing rods. 

Storage Options You Might Not Have Considered

It’s important to keep your gear clean and protected when you’re not out there slaying the scaly beasties. Here’s something you might not have thought of: use a length of 5” diameter PVC pipe. 

This stuff is pretty cheap at the local hardware store, and it’s easy to cut to the length you need. All you have to add once it’s properly sized is a pair of caps or inserts, and then it’s weathertight enough to keep your poles clean and dry for any length of time.

Handy with Tools?

If you’re confident with some basic tools, you can build your own inexpensive but effective storage solutions for your fishing poles, and you might even find some of the materials you need just sitting around the house. 

You can thread your poles through a couple of well-spaced wire shelves. Hang them from the ceiling of your garage or shed with their leading edges facing downward. 

If you have one of those pool noodles collecting dust in the garage, put it to work.

  • Screw it to the wall of your garage or shed horizontally about five feet above the ground
  • Make perpendicular slices in it with a knife, halfway through, every six inches or so
  • Rest the handles of your poles on the floor below the noodle and squeeze the other end of the pole into slices you made in the pool noodle

Whatever you choose, make sure your solution keeps the rods straight and protects them from dust and moisture.

Shore Fishing

You could use a sturdy rod holder when lunch rolls around at the beach. A truck fishing pole holder, quickly removed from your hitch, is super easy to stab into the sand, and it can keep your fishing poles sand-free.

The Truck Fishing Pole Holder

There are millions of ways to use the bed of your truck, but what about the space behind your truck? All you need is a 2” hitch receiver, and a truck fishing pole holder does the trick. Now, all that unused real estate behind your tailgate can get to work, too, with a great solution for fishing pole transport.