Fishing Storage & More: Accessories & Techniques to Elevate Your Angling Skills

Granddad always said to use the right tool for the job, and he was right. Shore fishing with a 100-pound test line is like using a sledgehammer to open a tackle box. The right combo rod and reel, plus the right accessories, can make all of the difference.


Shore fishing is super fun, but it can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention to the conditions. Check the surf and weather reports before heading out, and don’t just take the weatherman’s word for it. 

When you get to the beach, take a careful look at what the waves and the sky are doing before dropping your line in. Talk to locals about the tides, and make sure you have a plan if things suddenly get nasty. 

Dropping pressure and bad weather usually mean the fish are biting, but sometimes, that’s not the best moment to stand at the sea's edge.

Saltwater Challenges

Fishing the pylons of a bridge or jetty is risky. Sure, there are lots of great fish in there, but you risk cutting your line when you get a fish on the hook. Experts recommend easing off the drag a little. 

If your fish gives you a run for your money, he won’t simply cut himself loose by dragging a too-tight leader across those barnacle-encrusted pylons. Less drag may mean actually landing that fish, even if your line gets chewed up a little.

Run for Freshwater Cover

As you prospect for great fishing holes on the lake, you might not give a second look to a lone branch drooping into the water, but it’s worth making at least a couple of casts there. Fish love cover, and if it’s scarce in the area, you might be surprised what you land by casting into it at least a couple of times.

Get Organized with a Truck Fishing Pole Holder

It makes a big difference how your rods are transported to your favorite fishing spot. Simply cramming them into the passenger space of your car is risky, both for the interior of your vehicle and your passengers. 

You want to catch fish, not people, and you don’t want to tear up your car or break your rods. Maybe a hitch-mounted truck fishing pole holder or car fishing rod holder can make your life a little easier.

The same goes for your tackle box. If you keep your lures and leaders well organized in a sturdy tackle box, chances are you’ll be able to find them and use them when you need them.