Make Your Fishing Gear Last with These Easy Suggestions

What is the importance of maintaining fishing gear? Some anglers have a lot of money wrapped up in their gear, so taking care of it makes a lot of sense. For those who love catching saltwater fish, there’s an added element of wear and corrosion because of the salty environs of your chosen playground. 

Here are a few easy suggestions on how to do it right and make it last:

Rinse Well

Don’t use high-pressure water to clean your fishing gear, but gently rinse it with clean, fresh water whenever you get back from the beach, lake, or river. Make sure to dry rods and reels thoroughly with a soft, absorbent cloth. Lubricate reel parts with the appropriate type and amount of light oil or grease.

Fishing Pole Transport

It’s not only a great idea to keep your stuff clean; it’s also a great idea to be thoughtful about how you get it from point A to B. A car fishing rod holder may be the answer to every fishing pole transport question and concern you’ve ever had. 

It’s important that poles stay straight and relaxed whenever they’re being transported or stored and that you loosen all drags on your reels.

Rust Is the Enemy

If you find rust anywhere on your gear, it needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. For tackle box tools, like needle nose pliers, you can use steel wool or even fine sandpaper to bust that rust. Use a light coating of gun oil or similar to provide a protective layer on exposed metal parts. 

For more delicate parts that show a little corrosion, you might try buffing the area with a scratch pad or Magic Eraser. Whatever you do, don’t let rust get out of control.

Storage Solutions

The dedicated, passionate angler probably wouldn’t be caught dead leaving expensive fishing poles lying around in the extremes of heat, cold, grime, and weather found in the average storage shed or garage. 

The bonus to cleaning all of the fish slime off your fishing gear is that you can safely store it in a closet inside the house with no worries about fishy odor. 

Whatever place you choose to store your gear, ensure that there’s little to no tension on the rod or reel mechanism for the duration of time it will be in storage. This is especially important in the off-season. 

An excellent method to ensure your rods and reels are stored correctly is to use a car fishing rod holder, which, because it holds the rod vertically by its grip, means your fishing gear will last a lifetime.