About us

FISHITCH was created by an avid fisherman who enjoy fishing every chance he had and needed a simple solution to the hassle of transporting his fishing poles. Fishitch is a product inspired and developed out of love to go fishing without the fear of damaging fishing rods, reels, fishing hooks, getting the lines tangled up and damaged or damaging the interior of your vehicle
The idea was to create a fishing pole holder for trucks to get the gear to the fishing destination, safely and securely. The inventor, together with a group of engineers, created and perfected this product to what it is today. This is the best fishing pole holder ever invented.
The product had to be lightweight, strong and versatile. Attach it to a truck, SUV, car or even your side by side as long as it has a 2 inch receiver. YES!!!! FISHITCH can be attached to any 2-inch receiver, also it had to be modular and durable. All that at a low cost.
That’s how FISHITCH was born. No more broken rods or fishing hooks stuck anywhere. Fishitch is a true hassle free fishing experience